Virginia's Largest Hackathon Yet! One HACK UVA good time!

hack.UVA is a 36-hour programming event where you, along with other developers, designers, and enrepreneurs work together to create a web or mobile application from scratch. 

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Teams can be anywhere from one to four people. If you are looking for teammates before the challenge, use ChallengePost's built in team-finding feature to find those who need your skills (or have the skills you want).


- Platforms: (iOS, Android, Web / Mobile Web, Mac, Windows, hardware hacks)

- Must include both submission and (screenshot or video)

- Must select which sponsorship prizes you are going for

How to enter

- Each teammate must create a ChallengePost account

  • Assign a teammate to a draft submission

- Make your app (any platform is accepted)!

- (Optional) Take a screenshot of your demo

- Submit your app

- Attend the demo fair

- Wait for judging announcements and final demos


Steve Huffman

Steve Huffman
Co-founder of Reddit and Hipmunk

Ben Taitelbaum

Ben Taitelbaum
Coshx Labs

Amber Karnes

Amber Karnes
Director of HackCville

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Is the hack just another generic social/mobile app? Does it add an element of novelty or a fresh approach to a classic problem?
  • Polish
    Is the hack well designed? Usable in its current state? Does the user experience appear to be smooth?
  • Technical Vigor
    Does it showcase technical talent? Is the depth of implementation within the 36 hour time limit impressive?